Heuristica Participates in OBA’s Judicial Competencies Program

Heuristica Participates in OBA’s Judicial Competencies Program

Lynne Vicars chaired and moderated the “Basics of Judicial Decision Writing” session.


Lynne, Heuristica’s Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer and Senior Counsel, was the Program Chair and moderated the session on the Basics of Judicial Decision Writing, which was one of eight sessions that make up the Ontario Bar Association’s (OBA) Foundations in Judicial Competencies Certificate Program.


This new OBA certificate program was designed to help attendees understand what to expect from the judicial selection process and build a solid foundation of the skills and core competencies fundamental to any adjudicative role.


The certificate program was made up of the following eight online sessions:


Session 1 – The Judicial Application and Appointment Process

Session 2 – Judicial Independence, Integrity and Diligence

Session 3 – Equality and Impartiality

Session 4 – Overturned: Insights from Appeals Court Judges

Session 5 – Exploring Unconscious Bias, Raising Awareness and Cultural Sensitivity

Session 6 – Managing the Courtroom:  Setting the Stage, Interactions with Counsel and Witnesses

Session 7 – Basics of Judicial Reasoning

Session 8 – Basics of Judicial Decision Writing


Upon completion of all eight sessions, attendees are presented with a Certificate in Foundations in Judicial Competencies.… Read More

Heuristica Enhances Faculty for CLE BC eDiscovery Program

Heuristica Enhances Faculty for CLE BC eDiscovery Program

Crystal O’Donnell, Founder and CEO, and Brian Pel, COO and Senior Counsel, both have been invited to participate as faculty in The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia’s (CLE BC) eDiscovery and Electronic Evidence program.


The digital age is fully upon us as technology continues to re-shape and re-define the process of civil litigation.  With the rise of electronically stored information comes an array of issues relating to the management, search, and presentation of such digital information.


This comprehensive one-day program will quickly bring practitioners up to speed on current issues and best practices for effectively managing electronic evidence in the litigation process.… Read More

Calgary eDiscovery Seminar Series – Register Now!

Calgary eDiscovery Seminar Series – Register Now!

We are pleased to announce that, beginning in mid-February, we will sponsor and teach an eight-part legal eDiscovery Seminar Series in downtown Calgary on the fundamentals of modern discovery practices, including developments in case law. 


Unless it is a hand-written note, physical or oral evidence, all evidence is electronic.  Over the last number of years, Canadian case law and procedural rules have changed to recognize this reality.


Recent developments can have a significant impact on litigation/arbitration and regulatory proceedings as well as on our professional obligations and responsibilities to provide clients with advice and strategy to effectively deal with electronic evidence in a defensible and proportionate manner.… Read More

ILCO Fellowship Course – Electronic Discovery Practice and Principles

ILCO Fellowship Course – Electronic Discovery Practice and Principles

Leading eDiscovery practitioners from Heuristica Discovery Counsel will once again teach the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) Fellowship Course “Electronic Discovery Practice and Principles“.


Designed for litigation support professionals and law clerks, this course will explore the legal and practical principles of electronic discovery in a legal practice context.


Using the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and the Sedona Canada Principles, we will discuss the issues and tasks underlying each phase of the process.  With an emphasis on proportionality and defensibility at every stage, practical information will be covered, including:


  • cooperative discovery planning
  • the supporting evidence required for discovery motions
  • and the admissibility of evidence

We also will cover how to best work in a cost-effective manner and bring value to the legal team and client.… Read More

O’Donnell Speaks at CBA Alberta Civil Litigation Section Meeting

O’Donnell Speaks at CBA Alberta Civil Litigation Section Meeting

Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica’s CEO and Senior Counsel, was pleased to speak at the CBA Alberta Civil Litigation Section (South) meeting in Calgary on December 12th, 2018.


Crystal joined Adrienne Wong, Associate, and Jordan Milne, Partner, both of Rose LLP and Deanna Steblyk, Senior Special Counsel to the Vice Chairs of the Alberta Securities Commission, and presented “Disclosure Obligations and their Implications in Securities Enforcement Context” from the perspective of regulators, respondents and third party discovery and evidence management firms.


For more information including how to obtain a copy of their presentation please visit the CBA Alberta Branch web site.… Read More