Heuristica is not your typical law firm. We're Canada's leading legal practice focused exclusively on electronic discovery, evidence management, and related services.


eDiscovery Counsel and Technology ... Saving You and Your Clients Time and Money

Deliver better insight to your clients. Gain access to cost-effective, meaningful eDiscovery services-performed by experienced lawyers using advanced analytical techniques and technology.


Let us guide you through eDiscovery's legal complexities. With our lawyers serving as your document review support team, you can focus on the big picture. This means honing your litigation strategy and providing better outcomes for your clients.

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Heu·ris·tic  (pronounced hyu-RIS-tik and from the Greek "heuriskein" meaning "to discover") pertaining to a process of gaining knowledge or a desired result through learning, problem solving, and intelligent analysis drawn from experience.

Heu·ris·tic·a – (pronounced hyu-RIS-tik-ah) a Canadian law firm dedicated to performing intelligent, proportionate and cost-efficient discovery projects using advanced analytical techniques and technology.