Heuristica is not a typical law firm.  We are leading the transformation of electronic evidence review by example, and have focused our practice on the management and use of information in all phases of civil discovery, regulatory proceedings and investigations.  Document review and analytics is our core area of practice, and we do it exceptionally well.  Rapid review speeds, rolling key document summaries and exacting professional standards and work product set us apart.


Our lawyers are highly trained in the use of document review technology.  Providing detailed legal analysis of your, and the opposing party’s, documentary evidence, our experienced counsel can provide detailed opinions on the defensibility and proportionality of the discovery process.


Litigating in the digital age means using the right digital tools.  Heuristica is committed to the ongoing application of advanced technology to the practice of law.  As part of this commitment, we have selected a suite of software tools, including Relativity and EDT, to support our work.  With Heuristica providing the litigation support team, our clients can focus on the litigation strategy, client relations, advocacy and outcomes.


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Document review is done differently at Heuristica.  Heuristica is focused on providing clients with exceptional value and a competitive edge. 
Discovery Counsel and Services
Heuristica Discovery Counsel is focused on assisting clients in meeting their legal obligation to conduct efficient, proportionate and defensible discovery.
Litigation software is a necessary tool for modern law firms. Lawyers need quick access to important records, and a way to capture legal insight as they work.