eDiscovery Services for Lawyers ... Provided by Lawyers


In legal disputes, discovery is often the most time-consuming and expensive task. At Heuristica, our highly trained lawyers provide comprehensive eDiscovery services that save you and your clients time and money.


We can reduce your eDiscovery expenses while taking the guesswork out of the costs involved. When you work with Heuristica's skilled legal and technology teams...


  • You gain cost certainty through our transparent costing process
  • You receive smarter insights to achieve better outcomes for your clients
  • You're free to focus on the big picture, letting our knowledgeable teams manage the complexities of your discovery process

Document review and analytics is our core area of practice. Our innovative approach to electronic evidence review gives you the results you need to provide superior service to your clients. With Heuristica, take advantage of rapid review speeds, helpful key evidence summaries, and some of the most exacting professional standards and work product in the industry.


If you practise in the area of civil discovery, arbitrations, regulatory proceedings or investigations, our experienced legal counsel and technology teams are ready to serve you with eDiscovery services as follows:


Legal eDiscovery Services


While you hone your litigation strategy, our lawyers will combine innovative technology with legal advice and services to help you with any phase of your discovery process. Our services include Discovery Counsel, Document Review and Discovery ADR.


Technical eDiscovery Services


With superior technology, your organization can render better and more cost-effective legal services. Let us help you acquire the technical expertise needed to operate the RelativityOne software to full advantage. Our services include Managed Services and Litigation Software. Learn more about our Technical eDiscovery Services.


eDiscovery Education and Training Services


Several of our lawyers and technology team members are experienced presenters and instructors in electronic discovery and law. If you're looking for a leading eDiscovery practitioner to speak or teach at an event, we can help. Our services include bespoke seminars and CPD-accredited training sessions. Learn more about our eDiscovery Education and Training Services.