Services to Guide You Through eDiscovery's Legal Complexities


As a litigator focused on preparing case-winning strategies and advocating for your clients, you don't have time to worry about the details of electronic evidence. Let Heuristica's experienced lawyers guide you through the legal complexities of eDiscovery. Heuristica provides end-to-end solutions that save you and your clients time as well as money.


Though document review and analytics is our core area of practice, our Legal eDiscovery Services can include any of the following and more:


  • Non-linear document review, performed by lawyers using powerful software analytics and processes to search for critical and relevant
  •  Detailed legal analysis of your documentary evidence — including key evidence summaries — helping you gain an early understanding of
    your case and develop an informed litigation strategy
  • A "gap analysis" of the opposing party's records, giving you further valuable insight as you prepare for trial
  • Legal opinions on eDiscovery obligations, as well as the defensibility and proportionality of your electronic discovery process
  • Research, the drafting of affidavits and related motion materials, and opinions regarding electronic evidence and processes — helping
    you concentrate on the substantive merits of your matter
  • eDiscovery dispute mediation, so you can resolve differences without resorting to costly motions that have long wait times

Because we're a law firm, our work product is protected by solicitor/attorney-client privilege and/or litigation privilege. This protection means you're free to incorporate legal strategy and analysis into all aspects of the discovery process. We're also bound by professional obligations and have fiduciary duties to our clients.


Heuristica provides the following Legal eDiscovery Services:


Discovery Counsel

Heuristica helps you meet your legal obligation to conduct efficient, cost-effective, proportionate and defensible discovery. Our legal services go beyond document review and RelativityOne hosting. As a law firm, we provide legal advice regarding all aspects of electronic evidence. Learn more.


Document Review

Our unique approach to document review reduces your legal review costs by up to 40%. Using innovative, analytics-based methodology, we increase the speed and quality of document review — providing you with exceptional value and a competitive edge. Learn more.


Discovery ADR

Electronic discovery disputes are growing increasingly common. Traditional disclosure rules — written with paper productions in mind — make it difficult and expensive for parties to resolve their differences. Heuristica's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service can help you bring the most troubling discovery disputes to a satisfying resolution. Learn more.