Pleased to Sponsor the CBA’s Competition Law Symposium

Pleased to Sponsor the CBA’s Competition Law Symposium

We are once again pleased to sponsor the Canadian Bar Association‘s (CBA) Competition Law Spring Online Symposium April 29th and 30th.


Presented by the CBA Competition Law and Foreign Investment Review Section the theme of the two-day symposium is “Staying Ahead of the Curve: Advanced Topics in Mergers and Joint Ventures” and will focus on answering the following questions:


  • What are the best practices in merger reviews?
  • Where are the major pitfalls and risks for clients undertaking a complex merger?
  • How could merger reviews be conducted more expeditiously in today’s economic environment?

Leading experts will discuss these topical issues on the law, policy and practice of mergers and joint ventures in the following sessions:


  • The “But For” World: Competitive Effects and Plausible Remedies
  • Keynote Presentation and Discussion with Commissioner Boswell and Senior Deputy Commissioner Pratt
  • Transaction Negotiations, Information Exchanges and Gun-Jumping
  • Risky Business: Merger, Joint Venture or Conspiracy?
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Interested in eDiscovery? Come Join Us!

Interested in eDiscovery?  Come Join Us!

The spring is shaping up to be a busy season and we’d like to expand our team to manage several new matters about to begin.


To meet the growing demand for our innovative approach to eDiscovery and document review the firm is looking to add several full time Discovery Review Counsel and contract Document Reviewers to its team.


For a detailed description of what we are looking for and how to apply for either of the positions please visit our Careers Page.


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Federal Government Redaction Blunder Makes Headlines

Federal Government Redaction Blunder Makes Headlines

Candice Chan-Glasgow, Director, Review Services and Counsel


March 15, 2021


A recent CBC news article highlights the Federal Government’s failure to properly redact sensitive information.  This follows some high profile redaction failures south of the border, most notably when Paul Manafort’s lawyers failed to properly redact sensitive and damaging information in documents filed with the Federal Court.


Proper redaction tools and workflows should be used to ensure privileged or sensitive information is appropriately redacted.  As a gentle reminder, The Federation of Law Societies of Canada amended its Model Code of Professional Conduct in October 2019 to include commentary on technological competence:


[4A] To maintain the required level of competence, a lawyer should develop an understanding of, and ability to use, technology relevant to the nature and area of the lawyer’s practice and responsibilities. … Read More

O’Donnell and Felsky Contribute to eLitigation Course

O’Donnell and Felsky Contribute to eLitigation Course

The firm is excited to contribute to the University of Calgary Law School‘s innovative new eLitigation course. 


Crystal O’Donnell, the firm’s founder and CEO, is co-instructing the course and Martin Felsky, Senior Counsel, will contribute as a guest lecturer.


The course, taught by Assistant Professor Gideon Christian, is a specialized civil litigation course that seeks to introduce students to the practice of litigation in the era of social distancing.  The intent is to develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to initiate and conduct litigation using electronic technology, and to foster specialized competence in the commencement and conduct of civil proceedings virtually. … Read More

Starting the New Year in Good Company

Starting the New Year in Good Company

We are honoured to be included in the Top 100+ eDiscovery Providers compiled by Complex Discovery.


The list is a compilation of research from analyst firms and industry expert reports in the electronic discovery area.  The list is useful in the consideration of eDiscovery providers and is determined primarily from eDiscovery provider mentions in selected key formal industry reports and surveys published between August 2011 and today.


Although the list is not all-inclusive it does provide an aggregate overview of notable vendors that several industry researchers and experts consider leading technology providers in the field of eDiscovery.


Brian Pel, the firm’s COO and Senior Counsel, says “to be recognized by analysts and industry experts and included on this list reflects the success we’ve achieved with our unique, innovative combination of eDiscovery technology and legal analysis”.… Read More