About Heuristica

Heuristica Discovery Counsel is a national boutique legal practice focused on electronic discovery, evidence management, and related litigation and legal services with offices in Toronto and Calgary.


Heuristica provides legal advice and services in various phases of discovery to parties involved in litigation, arbitrations, regulatory proceedings and investigations. Our experienced counsel also provide legal analysis of the evidence and opinions on the defensibility and proportionality of the discovery process.


Heuristica Discovery Counsel provides a competitive advantage by offering an innovative solution to rising and unpredictable discovery costs. We can deliver effective and proportionate discovery services that reduce your clients' costs, provide cost certainty and increase value to your clients and the litigation team.


We are happy to speak with you about any eDiscovery services requests you may have.

Heu·ris·tic  (pronounced hyu-RIS-tik and from the Greek "heuriskein" meaning "to discover") pertaining to a process of gaining knowledge or a desired result through learning, problem solving, and intelligent analysis drawn from experience.

Heu·ris·tic·a – (pronounced hyu-RIS-tik-ah) a Canadian law firm dedicated to performing intelligent, proportionate and cost-efficient discovery projects using advanced analytical techniques and technology.