The firm is proud to announce that Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica’s Founder and CEO, has been appointed to the Global Advisory Council of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)


The EDRM empowers global leaders of eDiscovery and creates practical global resources to improve eDiscovery, privacy, security, and information governance.


Since 2005, EDRM has delivered leadership, standards, tools, guides, and test data-sets to strengthen best practices throughout the world.  It has an international presence in 113 countries, spanning 6 continents, and provides an innovative support infrastructure for individuals, law firms, corporations, and government organizations seeking to improve the practice and provision of data and legal discovery.


Crystal is the sole Canadian lawyer invited to serve on the 2020 Global Advisory Council.  A full list of the Council can be found in the EDRM press release.


For more information about EDRM and the work they do please visit