The firm is excited to contribute to the University of Calgary Law School‘s innovative new eLitigation course. 


Crystal O’Donnell, the firm’s founder and CEO, is co-instructing the course and Martin Felsky, Senior Counsel, will contribute as a guest lecturer.


The course, taught by Assistant Professor Gideon Christian, is a specialized civil litigation course that seeks to introduce students to the practice of litigation in the era of social distancing.  The intent is to develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to initiate and conduct litigation using electronic technology, and to foster specialized competence in the commencement and conduct of civil proceedings virtually.  The scope of the course will cover:


  • electronic filling and service of documents (eFiling/eService)
  • electronic discovery and exchange of relevant documents (eDiscovery)
  • pre-trial questioning of parties and witnesses using virtual technology (eQuestioning), and
  • electronic hearing/trial (eHearing/eTrial)

O’Donnell who will teach most of the classes on eDiscovery said “it is exciting to be involved in such an innovative and ground-breaking course” and she is “pleased to see that the use of technology is finally being taught as part of the law school curriculum.”


For more information about this new innovative course please visit the Faculty of Law’s web site.