Heuristica is pleased to author a ten part series of articles about eDiscovery for ConstructCanada, the authoritative voice of Canada’s construction industry.


The articles explore practical tools and strategies to proactively manage costs and effectively navigate through the eDiscovery process for litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory matters.  The series will be published each week in both the Daily Commercial News and the Journal of Commerce.


The articles provide practical tips on document management, data mapping, discovery planning, custodian interviews, document processing and hosting, eDiscovery technology, and explores proposed arbitration rules and alternative dispute resolution.


Article One:  eDiscovery preparedness – Document Management Systems, Part 1

October 8, 2020

Candice Chan-Glasgow, Director of Review Services and Counsel


An initial step for any construction company looking to proactively manage costs through the eDiscovery process is to re-examine its document management system (DMS).


A DMS is a system used to store, manage and track electronic documents. The general benefits of an effective DMS have been touted for years. A DMS offers enhanced security and employees spend less time searching for information while losing less time to versioning issues. While these are all important considerations, a crucial perspective that is often overlooked is the eDiscovery aspect. An effective DMS can save an organization significant time and money in identifying, preserving, collecting and reviewing documents for litigation, internal investigations and other regulatory matters.


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Article Two:  eDiscovery Preparedness – Document Management Systems, Part 2, following consistent conventions

October 15, 2020

Candice Chan-Glasgow, Director of Review Services and Counsel


Construction disputes are inevitable and the document review process is often the most expensive part. The emails exchanged and documents created over the course of a project can be voluminous, and parties to a dispute will need to carefully sort through the mountain of digital paperwork to identify relevant documents. Fortunately, good document management protocols can streamline the process, saving time and money.


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