Candice Chan-Glasgow, Heuristica’s Director, Legal Review Services and Counsel, will speak at the upcoming Ontario Bar Association Professional Development Program entitled “Forge a Better Union:  Strategies for Optimizing Coordination Between In-House and Litigation Counsel“.


The relationship between in-house counsel and their external litigation counsel can be complex, sometimes causing tension that results in a less than perfect working relationship.  While in-house counsel wrestle with doing more with less and litigating becomes more complex in our electronic age a new paradigm is needed such that the relationship between counsel ensures all parties benefit from the expertise of the other.


The program will be held on November 1st, 2018 at the OBA Conference Centre at 20 Toronto Street and will give attendees the opportunity to hear from both in-house and external litigation lawyers who will share their insights and experience and provide perspectives on how the relationship can adapt.


Candice will share her experience and insights on predictive coding and e-Discovery including recent developments in litigation technology, which cases are well-suited to predictive coding as well as costs and cost savings.


For more information or to register please visit the OBA web site.