Candice Chan-Glasgow, Director, Review Services and Counsel, has contributed to the Canada chapter of the 2nd edition of International E-Discovery, A Global Handbook of Law and Technology.


Published by Globe Law and Business in association with Legalink, the second edition of International E-Discovery, provides an analysis from across the globe of the different approaches to, and cutting-edge techniques in the use of, digital evidence in legal and regulatory contexts.


Leading technology specialists and legal practitioners in different jurisdictions come together to explain the latest developments in how digital evidence is collected, interrogated and deployed in response to legal proceedings, regulatory investigations, and in order to comply with organizational requirements.


In this second edition the reader is brought fully up to date with what works and what has failed and where future investment is likely to be needed.  The new edition also contains expanded geographic coverage with more professional tips on getting ahead with best practice on a country by country basis.


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