Heuristica to present at Canadian Corporate Counsel Association Conference

Heuristica to present at Canadian Corporate Counsel Association Conference

We are pleased to present at and sponsor the 2022 CCCA “Deconstructed” Conference being held virtually May 3rd to 19th. 


The CCCA has designed a “deconstructed” virtual national conference throughout May to fit into attendees’ schedules.  Registrants create their own experience by attending one, a few, or all the presentations, workshops and panels from May 3 to 19.


Heuristica is pleased to sponsor the following workshop on Tuesday, May 10th from noon to 1 pm:


Minimizing Cost and Risk Associated with Electronic Evidence / Information Disclosure  


Virtually all corporate information and documents are electronic in origin now.… Read More

eDiscovery Issues: Spoliation and Intent

eDiscovery Issues: Spoliation and Intent

Harry Chang



October 28, 2021


In a recent US decision, Cretacci v. Hare, No.: 4:19-CV-55-SKL (E.D. Tenn. Jan. 20, 2021), the court found that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the defendants intentionally deprived them of the video evidence of an alleged assault as required under Rule 37 of the United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  The defendants had received a written request to preserve the video evidence from the plaintiff’s counsel within 30 days of an alleged assault but took no reasonable measures to preserve the requested video, and the video was later deleted.Read More

Avoid Motion Delays with Heuristica’s Discovery ADR Service

Avoid Motion Delays with Heuristica’s Discovery ADR Service

Heuristica’s Discovery ADR Service, provided by knowledgeable and experienced counsel, is a time and cost-effective way to deal with eDiscovery and electronic evidence disputes.


As you know, substantive issues can easily get bogged down in skirmishes about pre-trial discovery.  You’ve likely experienced parties who act unilaterally to limit the scope of data preservation, refuse to engage in discussions toward a discovery plan, or refuse to exchange productions in a usable format.  Some of these tactics can be part of a broader scheme to delay proceedings or game the rules to advantage.  However, whatever the reason, pre-trial discovery issues are often complicated by technical issues that are unfamiliar to counsel, such as forensic capture, metadata extraction, or structured load files.… Read More

Group Seeks to Harmonize Canada’s eDiscovery Rules

Heuristica’s CEO and Senior Counsel, Crystal O’Donnell, is co-chair of a group of lawyers who wish to harmonize court rules for electronic discovery across Canada. 


The group, comprised of lawyers from across the country, is drafting a proposal to submit to The Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC).   “One of the biggest challenges right now is the approach across jurisdictions is very ad hoc and patchwork”, says O’Donnell in the December 5th Focus on E-Discovery issue of Law Times.   “For any organization or corporation dealing with litigation in multiple jurisdictions, the rules are very different and some provinces don’t have any rules yet addressing electronic evidence”.… Read More