eDiscovery Preparedness – Technology Options

eDiscovery Preparedness – Technology Options

Crystal O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer and Senior Counsel


October 13, 2021


Proactive management of electronic information is one of the best ways to minimize costs and risks associated with eDiscovery.  This includes enterprises making decisions on the appropriate approach to managing eDiscovery based on needs, volume and resources available.


Over the last few years, the options available to enterprises to manage eDiscovery needs have changed considerably.  The choices of available technology have increased, the functionality available has improved (and continues to improve), and the options for purchasing the technology have also changed.


While there is a wide spectrum amongst the below list, generally speaking, enterprises have the following options for managing eDiscovery:


  1. Outsourcing
  2. In-House
  3. Hybrid


Many enterprises leave all aspects of eDiscovery to external litigation counsel to manage as part of the litigation, including the decision to further outsource the eDiscovery work to vendors. … Read More