We are proud to announce that two of Heuristica’s lawyers have authored contributions to a new book entitled International E-Discovery, A Global Handbook of Law and Technology.


Published by Globe Law and Business in association with Legalink, Candice Chan-Glasgow, Heuristica’s Director of Review Services and Ilan Tsekhman, Associate, have made contributions to the Canada chapter.


International E-Discovery offers a unique collection of world-wide analysis on the state of knowledge and practice in the use of digital evidence in legal and regulatory contexts.


Written by hands-on technologists and legal practitioners this publication surveys the very latest developments that have been achieved in the use of leading-edge technology.  The challenges experienced in the courts around the world are similar but there is no single solution that solves the problem created by the vast volumes of corporate data that form the basis of investigations, litigation and arbitration.


Computer science with its statistical measurement, trial and error and numerical approach is converging with developed (and in some cases underdeveloped) legal knowledge, practice and procedure in different corners of the world.  The task of bringing together the skills and approach of two very different disciplines is the key to successfully maintain a system of justice that works for business at a cost that is not overwhelmingly disproportionate.


Contributors have authored different sections of the book and all are leaders in their field.  Issues addressed include professional conduct, privacy, levels of judicial awareness, proper use of technology including powerful search tools and techniques, and the likely shape of the future.  A unique feature of this book is that it includes professional tips on getting ahead, and e-discovery best practices on a country by country basis.


Both Candice and Ilan are members of the Ontario e-Discovery Implementation Committee (EIC) and authored the Canada chapter with three other EIC members.


Candice Chan-Glasgow
Ilan Tsekhman

















For more information or to order a copy of the book please visit the Globe Law and Business online store.



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