Like email and word processing software, litigation software is a necessary tool in a modern law firm.  Lawyers need quick access to important records, and a way to capture their legal insight as they work.  Three ring binders and coloured sticky notes are just not the most efficient or effective way to manage legal evidence.


Until very recently, the cost of litigation software, and the complexity of using and supporting it was an insurmountable barrier for all but the largest law firms. Heuristica was founded with the objective of bringing technology to the practice of law.  The litigation software we have selected for our teams covers the full spectrum.  Relativity is at the pinnacle of analytics, predictive coding and email threading visualization.  These attributes, combined with powerful filtering, robust process management, reporting, and a flexible interface allow us to use Relativity effectively on any project.  EDT rounds out our evidence management suite, providing a full featured tool set, impressive case presentation features and a simplicity of use that makes it appealing to those needing quick on-boarding in a streamlined solution for small to medium-sized matters.


Through an innovative alliance with KPMG Canada, Heuristica has a dedicated Tier 3 Canadian environment which hosts its Relativity and EDT litigation software.  Our clients are offered access to Relativity and EDT.  Heuristica takes care of the technology, the preparation and staging of the records, and provides full training and support to your team.  We are also ready to help you with the review, either to supplement your team, or to conduct it from start to finish.


Our goal is to support law firms and their clients in using technology to render better and more cost effective legal services.  We materially reduce the cost and expense of litigation software and document review, allowing law firms to focus on providing better outcomes for their clients (and spend less on coloured sticky notes too).


Heuristica’s team has invested years in learning about and using the best software on the market, and we are eager to share our insight and experience.


Contact us to set up a demonstration of how we can provide your firm with a fully supported Relativity or EDT environment.



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