Discovery Counsel and Services

Heuristica Discovery Counsel is focused on assisting law firms and corporate clients in meeting their legal obligation to conduct efficient, proportionate and defensible discovery processes when dealing with electronic evidence.


The procedural and legal issues that arise in connection with electronic evidence and advances in legal technology have created a complex niche requiring a marked level of expertise in this area of law.


Virtually every file has electronic evidence, and it is important to understand how to manage the legal requirements in fulfilling discovery obligations while using best practices.


Heuristica can assist in the initial planning and the negotiation of a discovery plan to contain costs. Decisions made early in the planning process have a significant impact on the expense and defensibility of the discovery process.  Obtaining appropriate legal advice early on can prevent disputes, help implement best practices and assist in maintaining a proportionate approach.


For many cases, once litigation is underway, experienced eDiscovery counsel are key contributors to a successful outcome. From custodian interviews to strategic advice on identification and collection, controlling costs means getting it right the first time.  As experienced litigation and eDiscovery counsel, Heuristica understands the precise needs of litigation teams and can provide ongoing advice throughout all phases of the Discovery process.


Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your electronic evidence.



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