Heuristica is leading the transformation of electronic evidence and eDiscovery                              

practice by example.



We have focused our practice on evidence management and use of electronic

information in all phases of civil discovery in litigation and arbitration, criminal disclosure,

regulatory proceedings and investigations.



As a law firm, in addition to providing legal review and RelativityOne hosting, we provide legal advice regarding all aspects of electronic evidence.



We are retained to assist counsel in establishing the evidentiary basis for various remedies or cost shifting orders related to electronic discovery processes at examinations for discovery, cross examinations on affidavits or cross examinations at trial and we have also participated in case conferences and discovery motions with litigation counsel when requested.



Our legal work can include research, drafting affidavits, drafting related motion materials, and providing comment and opinions regarding electronic evidence and processes.  This assistance can provide support to litigation counsel who can then keep their primary focus on the substantive merits of a matter.



Following are examples of the types of legal services we have provided to clients, in addition to legal review:


  • Independent Supervising Solicitor
  • Negotiating terms of Subpoenas and Letters Rogatory orders
  • Legal strategy development for electronic evidence
  • Legal advice regarding eDiscovery obligations, defensibility, and proportionality
  • Negotiating document exchange protocols and discovery plans with opposing counsel
  • Conducting substantive custodian interviews to help define defensible preservation and collection strategies
  • Creation of substantive review training materials
  • Preparation of substantive evidence summaries and substantive analysis of evidence with respect to case strategy and legal issues
  • Analyzing sufficiency of opposing affidavits of documents/production
  • Assistance with case preparation
  • Legal research related to eDiscovery issues
  • Preparation of draft motion materials and facta
  • Preparation of notes for counsel for use in cross examinations on affidavits filed on discovery motions
  • Providing notes for litigation counsel for written and oral submissions on eDiscovery motions
  • Case Dynamics
  • Answers to undertakings
  • Attendance/participation in discovery motions and case conferences


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