Heuristica Discovery Counsel is the only law firm that is a RelativityOne Certified Partner.

As such, Heuristica and Relativity are able to offer a unique partnership that delivers exceptional results to clients.


Heuristica is the only independent Canadian national law firm with a practice limited to electronic evidence management and is known for its innovative approach to eDiscovery.  It provides a full range of electronic evidence collection, hosting, review and production services.  Using an iterative, analytics-based methodology that increases the speed and quality of review, Heuristica substantially reduces eDiscovery expense while providing cost certainty and improved knowledge flow to the litigation team.


Relativity equips the most forward-thinking organizations with RelativityOne to tackle the diverse challenges of every phase of any eDiscovery project.  The SaaS solution provides enhanced tools such as active learning, communication analysis, and custom visualizations to home in on the people and substance of each matter. With iron-clad security, global reach, the best performance, and the ability to innovate faster, RelativityOne customers gain competitive advantage now and ensure success in the future.



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