Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica’s Founder & CEO, will participate in a webinar sponsored by The Advocates’ Society on Documentary Production: What you Need to Prove Your Case.


Join us on February 15 for a session on Documentary Production: What You Need to Prove Your Case. You will discover best practices for drafting requests, gathering documents, responding strategically to the other side’s request, and managing a client through the process. Leading litigators will share their top tips for navigating the strategic and ethical considerations of production issues, while adjudicators get candid about what they want to see—and what they do not want to see—in submissions for orders.


Registrants of this program are eligible to apply for the 2024 LawPRO Risk Management Credit, saving you $50.00 on your 2024 insurance premiums.  Further details will be provided upon registration.


Registration includes educational materials, which will be provided prior to the program. Registration also includes access to the live webcast recording for 30 days from the date the link is sent to you.


For information about this event, or to register, please visit the Advocates’ Society website.