Heuristica is pleased to support an innovative new program called Sustain the Line that assists both frontline healthcare workers and small businesses. 


Sustain the Line helps small food businesses that are struggling in this time of crisis by matching them with people or organizations that want to fund meals for frontline healthcare workers.


We are very pleased that Heuristica’s contribution went towards 200 meals for pharmacists, nurses, personal support workers, doctors and hospital staff at Toronto Western Hospital.


This innovative program was conceived of and launched quickly.  In late March, the founders at Mission Watch Company (Toronto) and Old Road BBQ (Nova Scotia) decided to work together to feed frontline workers for the next month in Nova Scotia.  48 hours later, NextLevel (New Jersey), Conduit Law (Toronto) and Aron Brand (Montreal) joined Mission as founding sponsors and they decided to immediately expand the idea throughout the US and Canada.


For information on how the program works or how you or your organization can become involved please visit their web site.