The challenges we face with the COVID-19 pandemic are galvanizing courts and law firms everywhere to step up their virtual presence.


At Heuristica we have successfully transitioned our entire team to work from home.  The leadership team routinely keeps in touch using videoconferencing, and our reviewers collaborate with secure cloud-based tools.


Some of our law firm and corporate clients are wondering how this technology can help them pursue active litigation, even as Canadian courts are restricting in-person proceedings to matters of urgency.  Others are considering the benefits of early settlement to avoid the costs and uncertainty associated with further delays.


In either case, a Discovery Referee could help you.  At the best of times, electronic discovery presents legal, technical and financial challenges to parties engaged in legal disputes.


Retained by agreement of opposing parties, a Discovery Referee helps avoid disputes and wasted expense.  Our Discovery Referee works exclusively online, using secure, private, easy to use conferencing tools.


An experienced and respected Discovery Referee can help parties navigate the rules of practice and the laws of admissibility of electronic evidence.  The Referee will apply the Sedona Canada Principles, applicable Practice Directions and understand technical aspects of data collection, chain of custody, processing, review and production.  Should complications or disputes arise, the Discovery Referee, acting impartially, and with an eye to efficiency and economy, can guide the parties to a fair compromise.


You can retain our uniquely qualified Discovery Referee Martin Felsky, PhD, JD today.  To learn more, please do not hesitate to contact Martin directly at