Court Orders Production of Files in “Usable” Format

On May 24th, the Alberta Court of the Queen’s Bench ruled that, in certain circumstances, meaningful disclosure requires the production of native electronic files.


Background and Arguments

In Bard v Canadian Natural Resources,[1] the plaintiffs brought a motion requesting, amongst other things, that the court order the defendants to deliver native Excel spreadsheets. The defendant had provided the data in TIFF image files as agreed to by the parties in the discovery plan. The plaintiffs claimed that TIFFs were not a “usable” format.


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Heuristica Discovery Counsel and KPMG announce alliance to deliver closely integrated discovery services

TORONTO – May 24, 2016 – Heuristica Discovery Counsel and KPMG in Canada announced today an alliance to deliver innovative and closely integrated discovery services. 


The Heuristica-KPMG integrated model is designed to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to law firms and their clients, corporations and public bodies for managing discovery and investigations requirements.


KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services combined with Heuristica’s innovative approach to document review is a unique and seamless approach that aims to provide clients with a proportionate and defensible process, while substantially reducing costs and increasing value.


Crystal O’Donnell, founder and president of Heuristica Discovery Counsel, said, “By working with KPMG we are now able to provide a unique offering consisting of a cohesive legal and technology team which will strive to decrease discovery costs and provide a valuable work product to our clients.”… Read More