Heuristica Speaks to Independent Counsel Network in Calgary

Heuristica Speaks to Independent Counsel Network in Calgary

Heuristica is pleased to speak at the Independent Counsel Network meeting this week in Calgary.


Crystal O’Donnell, Heuristica’s CEO and Founder, will present a session entitled “Successfully Managing eDiscovery:  What Corporate Counsel Really Need to Know“.


Management of electronically stored information (“ESI”) for use in litigation is increasingly important.  Crystal’s presentation will provide corporate counsel with an appreciation of what is involved in successfully managing eDiscovery in a cost-effective manner.


Topics covered include general eDiscovery principles and obligations, choosing eDiscovery review platforms, review counsel and appropriate review methodologies, how to preserve relevant ESI, engage in defensible document collection practices and how to effectively and efficiently review collected ESI.… Read More

Heuristica Sponsors Trial Lawyers Webinar

Heuristica Sponsors Trial Lawyers Webinar

Heuristica is pleased to sponsor a webinar for the Trial Lawyers Association of BC entitled Practical Software Tips for a Digital Practice  from  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM PT on Friday, December 8th.


The webinar “aims to cut to the chase and discuss practical and effective technology solutions and tips that will improve the efficiency of your law practice, with a particular focus on document and information management, improving your bottom line and letting you focus on what’s most important.”


Presented by Chilwin Cheng, Chilwin Cheng Law Corporation, and Jeremy Hessing-Lewis, Small Law, the webinar is offered as part of The Pacific Legal Technology Webinar SeriesRead More

From Lemonade Stand to Heuristica Discovery Counsel

From Lemonade Stand to Heuristica Discovery Counsel

Pamela Fontaine-Peters

Director, Litigation Support and Senior Law Clerk


I am thrilled to be an “official” member of the team at Heuristica Discovery Counsel in my new role of Director of Litigation Support.


I’ve worked in the legal industry for almost 25 years as a law clerk, certified trainer and eDiscovery consultant.  Working at Heuristica allows me to use all of my technical skills and draw on my clerking experience.  I look forward to meeting the challenges of this exciting position.


I have always loved technology.  I was introduced to computers in public school playing a computer card program called Lemonade Stand. … Read More

Heuristica Delivers eDiscovery Course for ILCO

The team at Heuristica Discovery Counsel led by Crystal O’Donnell, CEO and Senior Counsel, will teach the “e -Discovery Advanced Theory & Practices for Litigation Support” course for The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO).


The eight-week course is designed for litigation support professionals and law clerks and explores the legal and practical principles of electronic discovery in a legal practice context.  Using the EDRM and the Sedona Canada Principles, the course provides instruction on the issues and tasks underlying each phase of the eDiscovery process.  Emphasizing proportionality and defensibility at every stage the program includes practical information and covers such things as cooperative discovery planning, the supporting evidence required for discovery motions, and the admissibility of evidence.  … Read More

Crystal O’Donnell to teach E-Discovery Course

Starting on January 12th, Crystal O’Donnell will teach an e-Discovery course at the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO).


The course will be taught at the ILCO Education Centre in Toronto.


The course, e -Discovery Advanced Theory & Practices for Litigation Support, is designed for law clerks and litigation support professionals. The course provides students with an understanding of each phase of the e-discovery process, with a focus placed on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and the Sedona Canada Principles. An emphasis will also be placed on providing students with practical information about cooperative discovery planning, working in a cost-effective manner, and proportionality.… Read More