Document review is the most expensive part of an electronic discovery. Heuristica is focused on providing clients with exceptional value and a competitive edge by offering an innovative solution to rising and unpredictable discovery costs. We deliver effective and proportionate discovery services that reduce client costs, provide cost certainty and increase value to the litigation team.


We achieve these results by conducting non-linear review, focusing on using  analytics to search for critical and relevant documents, and providing written analysis of the evidence. Our strategic legal review of the documents helps counsel better understand and prepare for the case. During the review, we acquire a wealth of knowledge about the documents and how they affect counsel’s theory of the case. We can provide detailed written legal analysis of the crucial and material evidence to assist counsel to better litigate the case.


By combining the analytical skills of lawyers with the analytical capabilities of software, we provide a heuristic approach to the project. With the same team providing analytics, search, review and analysis, the found knowledge is carried through and maximized, thereby ensuring greater accuracy and knowledge transfer. Our approach eliminates the needs of traditional first and second level reviews, substantially decreasing costs and knowledge bleed.


In a recent project, our approach reduced legal review costs by more than 45% as compared to a traditional linear review model, and provides unquestionable value-add to the client. Contact us to see how our unique approach can reduce costs and add value to your review project.