Lawyers need to look beyond the keyword search as electronic discovery software improves, says Candice Chan-Glasgow, director of legal review services with Toronto-based Heuristica Discovery Counsel.


Heuristica is Canada’s only independent law firm providing eDiscovery service across the country, and Chan-Glasgow tells that its hybrid legal technology team is another way the company stands out.


“It’s no longer defensible to rely exclusively on keyword searches,” she says.  “Back when that was all the software could do, it was fine.  But now that it’s capable of so much more, you’re going to miss relevant documents if keyword search is all you’re doing.”


In one recent case, Chan-Glasgow demonstrated her point to a client by comparing an apparently exhaustive keyword list drawn up by counsel in litigation with the list of relevant documents that were ultimately identified with the help of Heuristica’s iterative review process. …


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